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 Lem Marshall
November 23, 2014.
Oct. 5, 1925 
Lem   Marshall,   III   (known   to   many   of   his   friends   and   family   as   "Marshall   passed   away   on   November   23,   2014.   He   was   born to   Maggie   and   Alonzo   Marshall   on   October   22/   1922   in   Delhi,   Louisiana.   He   attended   Richland   Parish   Training   School   in Delhi,   Louisiana.   Marshall   left   school   and   enlisted   in   the   U.S. Army   in   1942.   He   served   in   the Army   for   a   total   of   26   years   as an   automotive   mechanic.   Marshall   fought   in   the   Korean   and   Vietnam   Wars.   He   retired   from   the   Army   on   August   31/   1970, the   day   his   son   and   youngest   child   was   born.   After   leaving   the   Army,   Marshall   settled   with   his   family   in   Westampton,   New Jersey   where   he   worked   as   a   diesel   mechanic,   security   guard,   and   custodian   at   the   Westampton   Middle   School   from   where he   retired.Marshall   shared   his   life   with   his   beloved   wife   of   49   years,   Florenc   Marshall.   He   Iloved   and   was   devoted   to   his three   children,   Sheila   Evette   arshall,   Coralette   Marshall   Hannon   (Fred   Hannon),   and   Lem   Marshall,   IV   (Melanie   Marshall); his    three    grandchildren,    Manilyn   Anonuevo,    Noah    Xavier    Hannon,    and   Aaliyah    Janelle    Marshall;    and    his    two    great grandchildren   Sa'vion   Ratcliff   and   Liam   Anonuevo.   Marshall   lived   a   full   life.   He   was   a   member   of   the   American   Legion.   He was   also   a   member   of   Southside   Baptist   Church   and   truly   appreciated   the   friendship   and   support   of   Rev.   Downs,   Deacon Joyner,   and   Deacon   Winfree.He   loved   to   swim,   bowl,   and   go   deep   sea   fi~'hing.   He   was   an   avid   sports   fan.   You   coulda- Iways   catch   hill)   yv-atching-   r   listening   to   a   basket-   ball   or   football   game   in   his   free   time.   arshall   loved   to   garden,   cook,   and could   fix   and   build   almost   anything.   He   drew   onlookers   when   he   customized   his   own   conversion   van.   In   addition   to   his immediate   family,   he   leaves   behind   one   brother,   Ray   Marshall;   two   brothers-in-law,   Gene   Gaylord,   Sr.   and   Conrad   Gaylord, Sr.;   three   sisters-in-law,   Dorothy   Gaylord,   Gracie   Marshall,   and   Diane   Marshall;   and   a   host   of   cousins,   nieces,   nephews,   and close friends. Two sisters, Arlillian and Ophelia and a brother, A.C. preceded him in death.',
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