Many Disabled Ligionaires of  Post 509 are also members of the DAV   Chapter 42  
, and for our commonweal, we former members of the armed forces of the United States having aided in maintaining the honor, integrity, and supremacy of our country, holding in remembrance the sacrifices in common made and drawn together by strong bonds of respect and mutual suffering, solemnly and firmly associate ourselves together in creating the Disabled American Veterans, the principles and purposes of which shall be supreme allegiance to the United States of America, fidelity to its Constitution and laws; to hold aloft the torch of true patriotism; strive for a better understanding between nations that peace and goodwill may prevail; to cherish and preserve the memories of our military association; and to aid and assist worthy wartime disabled veterans, their widows, their orphans and their dependents
Disabled American Veterans
For God and Nation
Westampton Memorial American Legion Post 509
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