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I hear your marching feet In the honeyed melody bittersweet. I feel your soul in air breathed free You gave for your country. In the bugle's solemn refrain, I see your smile A smile that lightened your way o'er many a mile. O, honor this patch of earth now by thee sweetened Salute a brother sent to preserve freedom’s trampled Who gave his life for all to save From the core of a goodly heart brave Pay final tribute To a man steadfast and strong, in duty resolute. Remember his sweet memory His life lived not for himself, but for thee Wipe away now that lonely tear Weep ye not over his tragic bier. He's passed through gossamer wings of a veil sheer Deployed to celestial courts on high Where in repose sweet heroes lie... Where God is nigh. Death has no sting in victory... He’s honored now by angels in gloried assembly Warrior brothers forming an honor guard of glory For from the eternities, he did not die! You’ll join hearts and souls again, by and by With the reunion of soldiers who finally know... The answer to a soldiers eternal question, why?
Take sweet rest now, my dearest brother Who’s given the gift of life to another As we play taps o'er our fallen brave O'er a brother who went forth the world to save. Live now in everlasting peace With true glory that will never cease At long last of life’s vile torment free Hear now taps sweet melody. Patriotism fills my heart now melancholy With a soldier’s rhapsody Who helped keep freedom free. Before thee now, I bow, on bended knee Majestic taps playing sweetly O'er thy sacred heroes grave Honoring thee, fallen in battle brave Honoring he who went where angels fear to tread Who shed sweet essence bubbling red Thrust into a hell sweet and sour bled. Hear now the bugle play soft and sweet Sadly forlorn its martial beat Taps now bestowing Deep respect in hearts glowing Mournful notes final honor showing For a frail life torn wickedly asunder Torn through war’s mighty veil of thunder.
“ Taps For The Fallen Brave ” poem by Gary Jacobson © October 2005
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